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I take you with me to my photo sessions, and you get to watch me shoot real family sessions from start to end.


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Working with small children is not always easy - so how do I make sure my clients get the images they are hoping for? How do I deal with kids who are maybe more interested in running around than having their picture taken? How do I keep them interested - and handle the moments when they lose interest? 

You get to witness the beauty, the challenges, and the final results of real family sessions. 

behind the scenes

real-life family session

Follow Along and watch me shoot

from start to end

...handle location and lighting challenges.

.. make sure to get all the images my clients are hoping for. to and involve small children. my clients through the whole session.

You will learn how I...

Have you been dying to watch behind the scenes of real family sessions? To see how the whole session plays out? - Not just a highlight reel of the perfect moments. So this is what I am going to show you on my brand new youtube channel! 

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Get new inspiration for prompts and activities to use during lifestyle family sessions.

Learn tips and tricks how to deal with kids who might not be into having their pictures taken.

See me handle different locations and lighting scenarios and challenges.

Watch me interact with the children and how to involve them in the session. 

Listen to me commenting the session and explain why I made certain decisions.

See the photos that result from a certain situation, with all the settings.

Hear what I say to my clients. I am miced up from start to end.

Watch whole family sessions, not just a highlight reel of the best moments.


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This is what I considered taking for the monthly membership, before I decided to literally give it away for free.

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You can watch weekly videos on my public youtube channel. 
BONUS: I might come up with a bonus video every now and then.

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There is nothing you need to do, but click the link below, which will take you straight to my public youtube channel. There is no sign up, no fee, and no catch. Easy peasy.

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I am a lifestyle photographer, so the sessions I will be showing will be lifestyle family and newborn sessions. Right now (because of Covid-19) it will be mainly outdoor sessions, but I also do in-home sessions.

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