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All of my secrets for planning, setting up, and marketing this new approach of mini-sessions are waiting for you inside this 42-page downloadable PDF guide.



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Forget everything you have been taught about mini-sessions before. These are not about “a great offer” or “getting a good deal”. These are all about the value you are providing.

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Never again let mini-sessions devalue your brand and take away from your real sessions.

Know exactly how to price and sell your sessions and photos.

Design and write posts that get people excited about the value you offer instead of just looking for “a deal”.

Get people interested in your Limited Edition Sessions and not worry about your competition.

Drive engagement on your posts and let people do the boosting for you.

Build your email list with a streamlined process as a welcome side effect of your marketing strategy.

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Step-by-step instructions: These are just 3 out of 20 steps to set up your Limited Edition Sessions successfully. You will get clear and practical instructions for each and every step. Including wording, explanations, and timeline for all social media posts and emails.

Marketing: True and tested strategies of marketing and promoting your Limited Edition Sessions, without needing to spend a single dollar on ads. How do you reach people organically and with the added bonus of social proof? And how you - as a side effect - start your email list without an expensive subscription.

Pricing: All-inclusive? IPS? Selling prints through an online gallery? Session fee and up-selling? And how much should you charge to make these profitable for you? How much is too much? Will anyone book you at all with your prices? In your area? 

Mindset: Have you ever been thinking that people in your area don’t want to invest in photos, but are just looking for the cheapest photographer? How many of you have been struggling with booking full sessions, and so thought that by offering minis, you would get people to book more easily because they are cheaper and less of a commitment?
Lose that scarcity mindset and set your Limited Edition Sessions up for success.

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My comprehensive guide to setting up your very own Limited Edition Sessions.

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The kind of knowledge contained in this guide can run into the thousands depending on who you’re buying from. But my commitment to you is not only to give you education that actually works—it’s to give it to you at a price that doesn’t break the bank. That’s why for a limited time only, I’m offering the Limited Edition Sessions step-by-step guide for only:

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It’s time to up your “mini-sessions”

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