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Isn't it funny how life often has its own plans?

In the nearly 10 years that I worked as an IT consultant for a Fortune 500 company, I had never dreamed of becoming a photographer. Yet, one thing let to another. Once i was a successful photographer, I never dreamed of turning back to one day becoming an IT consultant once again. And yet here I am, now being on a mission to take the scary and overwhelm out of SEO for fellow photographers.

SEO can be easy and I will never be the expert that makes you feel inadequate. My aim is to inform, not impress.

Hi, I am Nicola!

IT consultant turned award winning photographer, turned SEO specialist for photographers. 

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claire w.

"For the first time ever I am caught up on a course. 
It’s a miracle!"

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Are you too busy photographing to spend time on SEO optimization? Every quarter I take on a handfull of full-service-clients that get an all-inclusive SEO experience. Lean back and watch the magic happen. I only take one client per niche/location. Showit only. 

I want 5* all-inclusive

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Includes the same as "all-inclusive" with a custom guide instead of done-for-you optimization. 
The custom recommendations are provided in an easy-to-follow checklist format with detailed explanations that allows you to do the optimization yourself.

I need custom guidance

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Are you all set technically, but struggling with keyword research, targeted content creation and setting your site up correctly? Then this is for you.
Everything is delivered in an easy-to-follow checklist format with detailed explanations that allows you to do the optimization yourself.

I struggle with content

Where in your SEO journey are you?

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ragnhild b.

What a fantastic experience to leave everything that has to do with SEO to someone who really knows it! My website got great search results after just a couple of weeks! I highly recommend Nicola!

It took just a couple of weeks to see results!



Web Host Audit^, Server Location Audit^, Check for HTTP/2^, Minify JS/CSS Files*, Image Size Optimization*, Image Optimization*


user experience

Configure User-Friendly Permalinks*, Analyze and Improve Mobile Friendliness*, Analyze and Increase Website Loading Time*, Analyze and Optimize 404 Pages*, Claim Brand on Social Networks^ 


the foundation

Analyze Google Analytics*, Analyze Search Console*, Improve TrustRank by Creating Trust Pages*, Set Up Keyword Rank Tracking, Confirm HTTPS and SSL^


SEO Services include

Check for HTTPS*, Check for One WWW Version*, Create and Submit XML Sitemap*, Consolidate Duplicate URLs with Canonical tag*, Check and Fix Broken Links*, Check and Fix Redirect Chains*, Check and Fix Index Coverage Issues*, Ensure Proper Use of "noindex" for Irrelevant Pages*, Check and solve Manual Penalties*

technical SEO


off-page optimization

Create Link-Building Strategy^, Competitor Analysis to Find Backlink Opportunities^, Start a Resources Page Link-Building Campaign^, Turn Brand Mentions into Links^, Guest Blogging Opportunities^


on-page optimization

Ensure that: Target Keyword Matches User Intent^, Target Keyword in URL, Title and Heading*, Use of LSI Keywords in Copy*, Single H1 on Each Page*, Fix Missing and Duplicate Meta Titles and Descriptions*,SEO-Oriented Meta Title*, Compelling Meta Description*, Optimize: Subheadings for Content Hierarchy*, Format and Style of Content*, Internal Linking*, Image Name, Title, and Alt-Text*, Outbound Links to Relevant Authoritative Websites^, Check for Over-Optimization^



Create Content Strategy^, Do Keyword Research^, Provide Concrete Recommendations for Long-Form Content and Content Hubs^, Identify & Fix Content Cannibalization*, Audit of your E-A-T status^


Check and audit Google My Business*, Optimize Listing*, Check, audit, and claim: Bing Places for Business Listing^, and Yelp Listing^, General Relevant Directories^, Niche-specific Directories^, Audit of Consistency of NAP Details Across the Site and on Listings & Social Networks^, Content Strategy Targeting Local Topics^, Claim Brand Mentions from Local Sites^, Add Local Business Markup to your Homepage* 

local SEO


*requires access permission 
^deliverable is a custom action-plan

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1-8 Custom SEO optimization*
1-8 Custom recommendations^
3x progress zoom call
Unlimited follow-up Q&A
Follow-up audit 6 months later



5* experience

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Complete 1-8 as custom recommendations^
3x zoom call for follow-up Q&A


custom guide

custom SEO guide

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5 Content audit^
6 On-page optimization^
2x zoom for follow-up Q&A


the keyword & content package

custom content

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We have one day together to really get your page up to gold standard. I help you with exactly what your needs are. And we can get A LOT done in a day, trust me!

8 hours custom SEO work
2x zoom call for follow-up Q&A


1-day SEO intensive

custom SEO guidance

new offer

book now

You will receive a aprox. 20-minute video of me going through your website page by page and giving you feedback on things to change and improve and letting you know about your biggest pitfalls and potential.


the starter pack - seo basics


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Do you need quick answers and help with concrete things?

1 hour zoom

$ 200

ask me anything

custom SEO guidance