Do you want to learn fast, personal, and in-depth? In my mentorships, you have the opportunity to tailormake your own curriculum.

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for photographers

*Note - in person only

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We have four hours together to go through everything you need to know, including technical basics, color correction, and editing. In addition you will get a 1-hour zoom call (to use within 1 year of the mentoring) to answer your questions and give feedback.

kr 10 000/4 hour

for Photographers - in person only


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Before we meet in our video-confererence, you will fill out a detailed questionnaire to make sure we cover exactly what you most need. You will get the opportunity to decide which parts to focus on. I will be an open book and teach you everything I know. 

$600/2 hours

for Photographers

Shooting Light & Airy

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I will walk you through all the tips and tricks in Lightroom to get the light&airy look. In the end, we will create your own, personal preset, that fits exactly your images. You should be familiar with how to shoot light&airy to get the most out of this. 

$300/1 hour

for Photographers

Editing Light & Airy

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If you have very specific questions that you want answered personally and in-depth, or if you want me to provide feedback and constructive criticism on your images, this is the perfect opportunity for you. You will send me your question(s) a couple of days before we meet for our video call.

$150/30 minutes

for Photographers

Ask me anything

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Are you a mom or a dad or anyone interested in how to take great images just with your mobile camera? There are lots of small tips and tricks that I will teach you, that make all the difference. 

$200/1 hour

for anyone

Take light & airy images of your own kids with your mobile


I'm spilling all my secrets on how to make sure that your families with toddlers are getting exactly the images they are hoping for. This is everything you need to know about how to successfully photograph toddlers in a lifestyle session. 

5 secrets to successfully
photograph sessions with toddlers