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Watch me shoot real family sessions from start to end. 


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Get more confident in educating your clients about what to wear for their sessions.

What to wear - colors

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This got a lot more in depth than I had planned - so definitely worth grabbing it!

Photographing toddlers


Download them all or just grab the ones that you are most intersted in. I will love you either way!
More guides in the making! Let me know if there is a topic you are specifically interested in!

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The Freebies

...that is not how it started. I actually never dreamed of becoming a photographer - but becoming one is probably one of the best things that happened in my life (besides my family, of course - and chocolate - and food - and free days at the beach). 

Quitting my job as an IT consultant a couple of years ago, made me realize the endless opportunities that lay ahead. One thing lead to the next, and here we are. In 2020 I was voted into the TOP 50 of the international "Lifestyle Photographer Association". Several of my images have been awarded internationally, and published in different magazines and websites. 

It all started with a dream. No wait...

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Forget everything you have been taught about mini-sessions before. These are not about “a great offer” or “getting a good deal”. These are all about the value you are providing.

a new take on mini-sessions

Done Differently

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"For the first time ever I am caught up on a course. 
It’s a miracle!"

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Are you running a successfull photography business and want to take it to the next level? What about including session videos into your regular photo sessions? 
If there is any other part of your business that you feel you could improve, a mentor session is always benefitial. 

I'm an experienced photographer

mentor sessions

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I have two courses coming up for family photographers who want to learn how to achieve the light and still rich style and shoot family lifestyle sessions. Stay tuned!
If you don't want to wait, you can always book a mentor session and we will work through exactly what YOU want to learn.

I'm trying to master my style

mentor sessions

youtube channel

I recommend starting to watch my youtube channel with behind-the-scenes of real family sessions. It is completely free and you will get an idea about the style of photography I do. 
If you have any other topics or questions you want me to teach you, one of my mentor sessions could be for you. 

I'm a beginner

Where in your photographer journey are you?

What You'll Learn

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Do you want to learn fast, tailored to exactly your needs and interests? One of my one-on-one mentor sessions is the best way to get exactly that. I offer a number of different mentor sessions - check it out and find the one that fits you best. 
This is the fastest way to get where you want to be. 

One-on-One Coaching 

fast track to success

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Working with small children is not always easy - so how do I make sure my clients get the images they are hoping for? How do I deal with kids who are maybe more interested in running around than having their picture taken? How do I keep them interested - and handle the moments when they lose interest? 

for all of you family photographers


watch now


A behind-the-scenes of when we took our own family pictures. 

How we took our own family pictures


See the impact a changing aperature/f-stop makes to an image.

Aperature basics and comparison: f1.4 - f4.0


There is the perfect photographer out there for any family. Read how to find "the one" for your family.

How to find the best family photographer

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Why learning how to take beautiful photographs any time of the day and year made all the difference.

Why I don't like golden hour

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