How to find the best family photographer

How do I find the best family photographer?

Isn’t that a question we are all asking ourselves when we want our family pictures taken?

Do you want to find the cheapest? No, because we all have a million pictures of our kids on our mobile. We want to find the best. But how do you do that?

It is not always easy, but there are several things you can do to check if a photographer is the best one for you and your family.

The first question you should ask yourself  is what kind of pictures you are looking for. There is a photographer for everything and for all styles.

Are you looking for:

Traditional portraits in a studio, with studio lighting and different backgrounds?

Do you want your family picture to be posed – and if so to what extend?

A traditional portrait, but outdoors? Maybe at a certain location that has a special meaning to your family?

Do you like the idea of having a photographer come into your own home?

Or do you love lifestyle sessions, where the emotions and connections between your family are more important than the perfect pose?

The first thing you should do is to look at the portfolio of the photographer you are considering. All professional photographers should have a website with a gallery of their work. This is great to get an idea of their style.

Do you like the pictures you see on their website? Do you like the style and is it consistent? This is important to make sure that you really end up getting the images you are hoping for.

Do you like the pictures on an emotional level? Often in these cases, you will have a gut feeling, sometimes without being able to pinpoint the reasons. Trust your gut!

Usually professional photographers will be happy to show you a full gallery of a certain session. This gives you a better impression of the quality of their work than looking at the curated best-of pictures on a website or Instagram.

You can also check out the photographer you are considering on Instagram. This is the perfect app for us photographers to present a mini portfolio. You should be looking for the same things as on a website.

If you follow some photographers on social media, you will get an idea of their personality as well. Do you like him or her and feel that you would get along well?

When you are wondering how to find the best family photographer, you should last but not least check if  the photographer has any google reviews? Reviews on websites are great, but they are hand picked to present the best of the best, so generally looking at google reviews is the safer way to go.

All in all, if you do a little research you will already be much closer to getting the perfect family pictures for your family.


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