Golden winter session in Oslo

Let’s be honest – outdoor sessions in March are often not the dreamiest. Usually, there is no more snow, but at the same time, the first blossoms and green leaves are still weeks away. Everything seems grey and brown and dead. But we couldn’t have found a better time for his golden winter session in Oslo.

However, and this is a big however – the light is literally perfection. Like at this golden winter session in Oslo. A two-hour-long golden hour at around 4 pm – it could not be more perfect for family sessions with small children. No keeping the kids awake for a late summer session, or postponing nap times so they can stay awake longer than usual. (And this actually applies to all winter sessions in Norway; basically from October to March Norway is in one non-stop golden hour!)

You might have heard it before; photographers claiming that light is everything. I usually like to go against the flow, but with this, I have to wholeheartedly agree. Even though it might seem like the most un-ideal time of the year to take family pictures, it might just turn out to be the most ideal.

When we booked this session, we talked about possible locations. Anni suggested that I might come to their place and we could take the pictures in their garden. A search on google maps quickly showed me the potential, and I couldn’t wait for this session.

I had packed several outfits from my client wardrobe for mom and the girls. I always love the relaxed atmosphere of an in-home session (even though this was not literally in-home, but the feeling of the kids being at a known place was the same). Parents are usually more relaxed because everything they would usually need to remember to pack is close by and moody kids can more easily be distracted.

The sessions turned out to be everything I had hoped for! But look for yourself:

Family pictures lifestyle setting Family photography Oslo Norway


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