Limited Edition Sessions – A new take on Mini Sessions

What are Limited Edition Sessions? Limited Edition Sessions are mini sessions done differently.

Limited Edition Sessions are short sessions, offering great value to your clients, and are straightforward and profitable for you.

Forget everything you have been taught about mini sessions before. These are not about “a great offer” or “getting a good price”. These are all about the value you are providing. 

Treat the “limited” in your Limited Edition Sessions as a positive, exclusive thing, as opposed to a cheap, quick fix. The way you think about your offers makes ALL the difference. Change your mindset from “I hope people will book” to “I got something amazing to offer”. It will shine through all your communication and beyond.

There are 20 steps to set these up successfully.

Some of the most important factors are:

  1. Create value: Don’t ever call them a “mini session”. These are not “mini”-anything. They are Limited Edition
  2. Make it personal: Show your face and incorporate a personal story in your ad. The first step to selling is always connection.
  3. Don’t hard-sell: Instead of making the ad-post all about trying to sell your sessions, make it an offer: “You are invited…”
  4. Create urgency: Announce these sessions a couple of days/weeks before opening up for booking and include a link to sign up for getting on the “interested”-list. Make it very clear that those on the list will receive the booking link first. Sent out a mail a day before opening up for booking with the exact time when it will open up. (When I sent out the booking link, all 10 spots were booked within 15 minutes.)

I have written a 42-page guide that covers all 20 steps in depth, which you can purchase here: Limited Edition Sessions Step-by-Step Guide.

Come and join the Limited Edition Sessions Facebook group here!

Limited Edition Session Guide coverpage and example


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